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3 Reasons HR Managers Love SeniorCare.Jobs

Posted: 01.31.2016

Whether you have upcoming positions that need to be filled or simply like to keep your eye out for qualified senior care professionals—we are here to assist! Below are the top 3 reasons HR Managers love SeniorCare.Jobs.

 Partnership With Major Boards

Our partnership with the most effective job boards in the nation, including Monster® and CareerBuilder®, means that each job posting you make is simultaneously posted to thousands of career websites at once. This means that you receive exposure from over 70 million job seekers each month!

Not only that, but job seekers who come directly to the SeniorCare.Jobs website are able to browse through the employer profiles on our website. These job seekers are all interested specifically in the senior care industry—meaning that everyone’s time is well spent.

The Ability To Browse Through Resumes Of Only Senior Care Professionals

If you have posted on other health care job boards, you are sometimes left wondering if an applicant you are reviewing is interested in making the move to senior care. However, when you browse through the resumes on our website, there is never any doubt!

As you will see, almost every resume posted on our site is by job seekers who have experience in the senior care industry. Whether a candidate has just graduated and is searching for their first job, or is a tenured healthcare professional with little to no senior experience—you know they want to pursue senior care.

Qualified Resume Sourcing

We are committed to the senior care sector, and have access to the largest resume databases out there—including Monster® and CareerBuilder®. This means that we have direct access to thousands of senior care professionals from across the nation. When you select The Fastest Hire HR service, we will source candidates for your open positions. We include digital marketing with your posting, and we even add you as a Featured Employer.

These are the top 3 reasons HR professionals love SeniorCare.Jobs. Reach out to us today to learn a few more ways we can help you fill your open positions!

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